Monday, December 10, 2007

I am not a noobie anymore! LoL

Thanks to AnaLu, I have now one thing that I wanted to have for a long time... an AO! Yes, I know, everyone has one! But I haven't... until yesterday! I didn't know how to work with this thing! Now I know it's easy...

AnaLu teleported me to her cute place and helped me with my new AO :) Here we are after she helped me, and while I was trying to add more poses to the notecard!

and here I am using my AO :) This picture was taken by AnaLu while I was experimenting my new toy! The way she plays with lights is awesome! Once again, thanks :)


PS - oh btw, I am covered with freebies! You probably already saw every goodie I have in other blogs... Like in the blog of Creamy Cooljoke - We are like twins now! LoL! I am wearing my shape from ND (not freebie), the Maitreya Loella hair (freebie), the shirt from 'Suave' outfit (a group gift from Winter Moon), the Jeans from G.L.A.M. (group gift) and the Lime Skin (also a group gift from Minnu). I also have this pearl necklace from Last Call, in sales, only 100L$, and my favourite shoes, Michelle pumps from Sin Shoes!


-Ana Lutetia- said...

Happy to help! That thing looks more complicated than it is. ;)

Cherie Parker said...

Welcome to the AO world!! :)

Myllie Writer said...

kkkkk, Annah! I feel kinda bad 'cause I should have known you didn't know how to work your AO... sorry :S
You know it's ironic: as much as I LOVE poses and animations, most of the time I don't wear my AO.


Don't worry Myllie! Now I have a sexy walk LoL I just need to add more poses to my AO :)

Cherie thanks :) my first AO in 6months! I am so late :P

Ana, thanks again :)

Milu Laval said...

Yeah yeah.. I'm the Miss I dont dare to AO's...lool
But thats cute.. *wispers* I also don't have any idea how to deal with that monsters that all have.. shhhhh
I'm wainting to see you in or new poses :P


Awww Milu! Finally :D It's your first post ever in my blog! I am hot now... and with my new sexy walk ... I will steal all your boyfriends! LoL