Monday, December 3, 2007

[review] from AnaLu

Ana Lutetia is a portuguese girl that is in SL for a little more than one year, but she already achieved a lot in SL. Everyone knows Ana, and I obviously know her too! She is a very nice girl, and because I know that she knows more than me when it comes to fashion, I always try to follow her advices.

Well, in the past week, Ana Lutetia made a nice review of my Philippa and Paris Shorts II. I really like her job when it comes to photos, and she was nice enough to sent me the pictures! You probably already saw them, but I am going to post my favourite one in here, just in case you have miss it! The rights of this photo are hers.

The credits for everything she is wearing are in her blog, so go check them out! This was a nice way of mix&match my work, with other designers work.

So, thanks Ana!


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