Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SHINE Limited Edition Kate

When I was approached by Alaska Metropolitan (from Metro Models) to help raise funds to be donated to "SHINE" I got scared! I really wanted to help but she ask ""something fabulous" and that scared me a lot! But I was determined to do it, so I've tried and tried and I've done my best! The Limited Edition for the Shine Fundraiser - Kate! It's not so spectacular as some other designers can do it, it's not so fabulous as Alaska asked, but it's my best and I can say that I am happy with it! Also it's a very good way to help. All funds will revert to Shine! Only 100L$

If you want to know more about how to help, check the Metro Models Blog.

SHINE Limited Edition Kate available in my mainstore at Sedna (192, 158, 28)


PS - Apparently there's something with the script, it don't say how much is the dress! But it's only 100L$, if you pay more it will refund you, if you pay less you won't receive the dress, and you will be refund. (I'll try to fix it later with the creator, but for now I'll leave it this way, 'cuz it won't hurt no one!)

Available now in Axenfall and Southern Paradise too! Please contribute to this cause!



Tigerlily Koi said...

I happen to think this gown is fabulous! Thank you for offering a wonderful dress at a fantastic price, and for a good cause! :)


Oh Tigerlily thanks :) As I told you before, it means a lot to me!

Robin Helsinki said...

Hi Anna, I bought the dress too and think it's great! I love the way if flows and swirls as I walk. And all this for SHINE:-)