Monday, September 10, 2007

Need a brake! Update!!!

Probably, you all have noticed I haven't been doing clothes lately, 'cuz I was tired from work and have my right hand hurt, all the other stuff! Plus, when I look to other people's stuff I think "I wish I could do that" and then I can't, and then I get discouraged and can't put all my ideas on clothes.

Now, school is starting again, I am still working and my Second Life will be my Second Life =( I really love my SL, and I don't know for how long I can be away from it, but I just need a break from all those "designer problem's".

I won't be on to make stuff that much but I will continue shopping like a crazy, and travel, and having fun with all my friends! I am not done yet! I will be back, and I will bring lots of good stuff! That's a promise! I just need to learn how to deal with my discouragement some times!

Sorry for all of you who were waiting more of me!


OK, Update time...
I know I told you I was going to have a break... Well now, I can't!
A few days ago I read something in Alaska Metropolitan blog about a fashion show for new designers, and I sent a note right away to Alaska and we talk a little about the details. Last night, Alaska told me that I was choosen to be one of the designers! I couldn't believe! I was so happy and at the same time I was completely scared! The other designer is Myllie, from PERSONNA! She is so good! I was so afraid of disappoint Alaska, 'cuz choose me is a vote of trust! And I don't want to disappoint her (we are not friends, if you are thinking that)! Or any other girls that believe me, like Gillian!
So now, I am going to work hard to get some new lovely designs for the show! The break is now on stand-by!

Luv you all,

Come see me in AnnaH Couture!