Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's raining... clothes?!?!

A little update here... Pose vendors weren't working properly, but now they are, so you can go grab all the poses for 25L$ each or 250L$ the pack of 12 poses! So sale is still on in Sedna and in the HoH Mall. Also at the HoH Mall there's a hunt going on, and it's really funny trying to find all the surprises that Shel put up for us!

I've been a bad store owner lately... I am not releasing much stuff lately, because of work, and sickness, and closing down [ANIMAH], and redoing ads, and now because I am working in a new store and in a new collection to be released in a charity fashion show for the Foundation fo Faith. I'll talk more about it later!

But, to compensate my dear costumers for being a bad store owner, I am doing a 50% sale! Yeah, that's it! All, and I mean ALL items are 50% off. Poses, pose packs, pose balls, latest releases, old clothing items... I mean EVERYTHING!

Grab everything you can, while it is at the price of rain! And it will be like this, 'till my next release!

Now, I want to show you my new ads for the couple's poseballs! The poses are the same, but as I told you before, I lost all my [ANIMAH] files, so I had to redone it! And I am pretty happy with the result! A big kiss to Wednesday Soon and Kamian Trescothick for posing with me! You are awesome!


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