Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm back...

I am back from my vacations in Maiorca! By now, I think I have replied to everyone who sent me IM's, notes or emails, but if I missed you, please contact me back!

The vacations weren't exactly how I planned... the relaxing, and resting, and sunbathing... no! Not at all! I went to Maiorca with my boyfriend and two of my best friends! They had planned something different for our week. We went to Maiorca to discover the whole island! It was very fun and I can say that I know almost everywhere in Maiorca, but I came back more tired than I was! A different kind of tired, the kind that you think it was worth!

We stayed at S'Arenal, very near the beach, we rent a car and we run almost 2000kms in one week! The island is more beautiful than I could remember of my first time there! The weather was awesome and people was very nice! The places are amazing, and you will only believe it if you see it for yourself!

I am sure I'l be back there for my third visit!


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