Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am a Closet Crisis Girl

Well... just for today, 'cuz the Closet Crisis Girls have choosen my style for post in their blog :) and I am so happy for it!
You can see my post here! Just like Hethr said it is very sleek and mysterious look! I am loving this thing of "putting outfits together for Closet Crisis" ehehe! It is extremely fun! I love it! I hope I can be a Closet Crisis girl more times :P
Another thing... I am doing Annie in more colours! I've received some suggestions, but I am still waiting for yours ;)
Oh and you have to check this two blogs... AnaLu and Ornamental Life :) These two ladies are incredible sweet and nice, and it is a pleasure when they mention my name on their own blogs, so thank you so much sweetties!


Hethr said...

Hehe I'm glad you are sending in stuff, I would love to see more from you! Also I would like to vote for Annie in... You guessed it Pink!


ehehe I will do it for you ;) And you're going to see more of my styles... I am addicted :P

Silvy Noel said...

Congratulations Annah!
Your post is awesome!!!