Monday, February 25, 2008

SLRFL 2008 - Clothing Fair

I am very honored to be a team sponsor of Relay's Raiders and participate in this year's Relay for Life - Clothing Fair! Right now, I am in total panic (although Nevar Lobo does not allow me to) because I want to do a very special item, because this is a very special fundraiser! Seriously... I have so much to do that I can't even choose a color for the outfit! The time is running... and the Fair is almost here, so I really need to hurry!

So I ask Nevar for a little help, and he gave me this note, to let you all know the wonderful designers that have joined this cause!

"Relay's Raiders have some really exciting things planned for this year's Relay for Life Clothing Fair. I have to tell you we have been working hard to make this a huge event and its turning out bigger then we could have imagined. I am so proud to announce the wonderful designers who have joined with us to Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back! against cancer this year.

SPRING SIM: Rose Petal Creations, Designs by Ally Chevalier, Desirae Designs, Armidi, IEVL (Innocently Evil) Allure by Sparkle Skye, Immortelle, Designing Nicky Ree, *ICING*, Milady's Fancy, Little Rebel Designs, Mischief, Vitamin Ci, Gritzi Design, CaLLie cLine, Evie's Closet , Bossa Nova, Nymphetamine Boutique, Moonshine, IndustriElle, Kays Kloset

SUMMER SIM: Barefoot Apparel, Casa del Shai, Dellycious Wear, Neko Gear, Sensual Designs, Dark Matter & M'Lady's Bridal, Frangipani Designs, BareRose, Digit Darkes, Awesome Designs, *AnnaH* Couture, Kiana Dulce, Aitui, White Rabbit, Pixel Passion, EBT (Emotional Blackmail Threads), Dark Eden, Haute Coture , Analise, PERSONA, Nyte'N'Day

WINTER SIM: Bewitched Designs, Draconic Kiss, Solange, Beckenbauer Productions, Goth1c0, Sub Rosa, Innovations, Defleur Fashions, Fairy's Grove Creations, The Sweetest Sin, Isobella Esoterica, Stone Keep, 00Gorgeous, CREAMSHOP, Passionate Neko Dreams, Adored Clothing, VR Phlux, Hexed, RPD, Vlintuition, []::Tuli::[]

AUTUMN SIM: Elephant Outfitters, Bailers Outfitters, Pushbutton Industries, Devilish Cupcake, SF Designs, CKS Designs, Lapointe Designs, Ambergris Deadly Fashions, House of Rfyre, Nocturnal Threads, Silken Heat, Boneflower Designs, Rezzable Shop, Crucial Creations, LVS & Co (Liquid Velvet Studio) ~silentsparrow~, Rebel Hope Designs, Dks Designs, ShadowWiccan, DE Designs, Luxury by Vindi Vindaloo"

Clothing Fair will be opening it’s doors March 17, and run thru March 23, 2008. Now please... mark your calendars, check events and save your lindens. Come help us “Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back”.

Because until there's a cure, there's Relay for Life!


Nevar Lobo said...

Ann... Breathe... no panic allowed thats my job!!!!!



Kallisto Destiny said...

Well, I wish you the best of luck and how about BLUE? That's my favorite color and it means 1st place. : )

I can't wait for the clothing fair.


Hi Kallisto! Well, you are probably with very luck, because the one of the outfits (yes, I have more than one) is blue! I hope you like it!