Friday, February 1, 2008

*AnnaH* - Photo Contest - Last Days

Hey guys!

I just wanted to remind you that the final day for entry's in the *AnnaH* Photo Contest is this Sunday, at 12:00 AM SL Time - 3rd February.

For those who do not know what I am talking about I will remind you...

I want good Display Pictures to place them in my mainstore. In order to participate you have to send me your pictures wearing an outfit or a mix of outfits from *AnnaH* Couture. You can wear any outfit or piece, even the freebies! Everyone can enter the contest! You can send as many photos as you want!

The photos must be at least 800 x 600, and I would prefer to receive them by email ( If you send them via notecard, don't forget to give me full rights!

I would also like, if you don't mind, the credits of what else you are wearing in the pictures (i.e. shoes, skin, hair, etc...). Also, a landmark would be appreciated!

Don't forget: The main outfit must be from *AnnaH* Couture, which means you can add another pieces to complement the outfit, if you wish so, but the center pieces HAVE to be from *AnnaH*.

I don't want blank backgrounds in the pictures! You can do your own background, use one already made or take pictures in SL places! Not blank backgrounds, please!

The winners (me and Myllie Writer are going to choose our 3 favourite photos) will be announce by the 10th February, and will win a certificate of 3000L$ to spend in *AnnaH* Couture store, until the end of March. Also, their pictures will be post in my blog and will be in my mainstore.

I am waiting for your pictures,
Annah Whitfield

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