Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm here again :)

... And I have more new stuff in my store in Sedna.

Now in Axenfall and Southern Paradise too!

The store in the shopping MundoSL will have to wait a little bit more :P But I already found some pace for it!

Apparently there are some problems with the prims of the shorts in the Windlight Viewer! I'll try to fix that, if I can! In the normal viewer it is totally right :)

The Paris Shorts II are now available in shop.onrez and SLExchange!

Awww and you can read a bit more about me and my new stuff in the fashion blog of the sweet Gillian Waldman - Deux Looks!


Continuing with the theme of Knit Fashion, I've now available Paris Shorts II. Yes, it's true! A new version of Paris Shorts (the ones I love love love), now in 5 different colours, a new texture and a different belt. Each pack (which includes both pants and underpants layer) is only 75L$ and the fat pack, with all 5 colours is only 300L$.

Tomorrow, everything will be in all *AnnaH* Couture stores! Hope you all like, as much as I do!

Oh, btw, Philippa Knit Top is now available in shop.onrez and SLExchange.


Hair: Kota - Philotic Energy
Shirt: Philippa Knit Top - *AnnaH* Couture (moi eheh)
Manicure: custom nailpolish pink4 from ::Tuli::
Shoes: Ladybugs (RI) - *KC*
Skin: Bronzage Medium Gamine Cherry from TAP
Shape: Hayle L4 from Naughty Designs
Perfect Image Glow by Aradia Dielli
all poses from [ANIMAH] obvious!

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