Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Shoots Releases

Hello guys!

Just to say it's now available in my store all the dresses released in the "New Shoots - A Fashion ShowCase" but before showing them to you I have to say a few words...

I want to thank you to...

... Alaska Metropolitan, for the opportunity she gave me! Without her, I was probably doing a break!

... all the Metro Models, for all the time spent training to make THE perfect show! You were truly amazing!

... Myllie, the other feature designer, for all the support and incentive!

... all the people that went to show to see my work and Myllie's!

... My friend Milu, for constant support and comprehension!

... My good friend Azazello, for that push at the beginning of my SL "career"!

... and last but not least... to Gillian Waldman, my friend (and my beta tester too! lol), for all the support, comprehension, suggestions and critics; for all the help and ideas; for the "you can do it" and "you cannot give up" words; for being with me when I was disappointed with myself... for all that and a lot more, I gave her name to her favourite dress!

Thank you!

And now, the dresses...

Candy (not a release!) - Playful and feminine this dress is designed for women who want to show off her soft side! Reminicent of rock n roll, Candy is a flirtatious dress, perfect for a woman who is in charge of her interests!

Carmen - Versatile outfit for career woman who wants to keep in touch with their sexy side.

Elodie - Strong and with it's own personality, this dress speaks for it self. The straigt lines that ended in a flexi skirt reveals the feminin body in a rolercoaster of design and beauty!

Gillian - Silk and lace makes this dress the ultimate touch of femininity. Elegant and rich gives the sensual touch demanded by modern women!

Neely - Reserved yet provocative the look of this outfit would make a perfect choice for any day. Also cousy and elegant that would give your winter days the fun they deserve.

Ophelia - Simple dress to what the class of the black detail on the jacket brings a distinct glamour!

Sirina - The jet and ruby colour, among with it's lines, brings the glowing and glamour of Parisan nights!

Valenka - Classic but elegant look combined with the sex appeal cut of modern couture makes this dress unforgetable.

Well, it's all for now, but I'll be back soon!


Come see me in *AnnaH*


Gillian Waldman said...

<3 Annah :) You're a sweetheart and it's a pleasure to know you. I'm so proud of you.

Ana Lutetia said...

Gillian é um vestido LINDO!!
Assim como o conjunto Neely.

Continua. Estás a melhorar a cada criação. :))


Aww thanks :) both of you!