Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Miss Little Something!

I have to say I am obsessed with this boots! They look so confy that I don't want to take them off. So I am wearing them again, in a new look! Today a casual unformal look, but at the same time you look that you cared about it!

It all started with my latest release, the Patricia jacket, with retexture scripted belt. I decided to go for the black and red and paired it with jeans and white buttong down shirt. The red scarf, socks and gloves are perfect cuz it's starting to be cold in here! Again, hats! Cuz I <3


Monday, November 30, 2009

Purple Fun!

Long time no see! But I couldn't help to show you a look using my latest release! I love how versatile this tops can be, and without the skirt of the new Flowey Top, they also look very fun!

A very unformal look, for a not so very cold day! Purple, one of my favourite colours and obviously a cute hair/hat that I love!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meetings?! Anyone?!

Another quick but elegant look for today! How do you imagine a sucessfull bussiness woman, that jump from meeting to meeting, with future clients? I always imagine this type of woman in a pencil skirt! I am not sure why! My girl is going for lunch with a new/future client.

A black pencil skirt, with sheer stockings and a black top! To give some colour, a tailored red jacket! Acessorized with belt and necklace, and a clutch! All matching with silver booties! Big sunglasses and I think she looks classic without being boring!


Friday, June 5, 2009

A new way?

I've decided to give a new direction to this blog. So far it was kinda lost, lonely and with nothing new or interesting to know, except the releases I was posting in double (unsing my other blog).

From now on, I'll make it a style diary (well, diary is a way of saying, because it is impossible for me to post daily!) where I am going to mix my items, from .:StoRin:. with items from other stores. I may use both female and male styles, and do some crazy looks! Who knows?

I hope you like the new face of this blog! I also hope you will like the looks I have to show you! Please, for releases of .:StoRin:. read this blog where evertyhing is shown as soon as released!

For a first day I am going to do something really quick! A very confy sporty style, that is truly girly at the same time.

I've paired part of the Emma outfit, with the Cat mini skirt to make the look! Then because I am all about accessories I added the arm warmers and the efemera belt (that was a previous gift! if you don't have it, there are plenty colours available at the store!). Then I added leggings and the cuttest bag from Gritty Kitty! No make up for today, with a beautiful skin from Infinity!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tease me...

New release available at Lalique.

.:StoRin:. - Teaser Soul Pack

Get the taxi to Lalique and go pick the newness!!

Read the entire entry here.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Under my Umbrella

New release available at Lalique. Now, for that rainy days, a new set called Umbrella that includes 10 static poses for girls with both open and close umbrella. These poses try to show casual looks using an umbrella!

.:StoRin:. - Umbrella Pack

This pack of female poses is available in posepack of 10 poses, in-world, for L$425, or single poses, for L$50 each! You can grab a demo in the store and try the poses with the demos! Also you can pick the umbrella for L$100, which has a retexture and a recolour script, with 7 textures included! The blue umbrella used in the picture is only for display purposes!

Get the taxi to Lalique and go pick the newness!!

Read more here and here and here. All blogs from bloggers who talk about it :)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fashion Designers Challenge: Aibell

After so much mistery, finally available and released in the two special Fashion Designer Challenge stores, a new dress called Aibell.

I was challenged by the tallented Mew Denimore, who suggested this:
" I think it will be interesting to release a particular "spring outfit"..but not using usually meaning of the spring..but transform it into a "dark theme"..maintain the classic spring's elements (like flower, butterfly..), buy make it into "darkness elements"..i'm thinking about a "dark fairy".." - Mew Denimore

I've done my best to join the dark elements with cute sculpted red flowers! Aibell is the name of a an Irish fairy goddess and I thought it would suit the dress perfectly!

My team - the team #15 - was me and SavannahAnn McMillan. I think we were a good team! Our ideas were very easy to combine since the first minute and the look itself came out great! The ad is the work of the talented Tillie Ariantho, who has done all the art work for the FDC! It looks great!

Stay tune, cause I pretend to take some photos and show you all the details of this new dress soon (as soon as I have time to login). Also, Sioxie Legend & Tuli Asturias are supposed to do a review about the dress! And I need to finish my review about the absolutly awesome dress from Nardya Rousselot.

I just want to say one more thing! Thank you Sam, for inviting me to be part of this! It was great to work in teams, and it was awesome to be part of this amazing group of 35 talented designers!

The creations of all 35 amazing designers are available at: